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Delivering a critical connection

When it comes to networking and connectivity, it’s important to ensure your provider can deliver advanced, carrier neutral, networking capabilities in line with the organisation’s needs. For companies operating a hybrid cloud model, connectivity to the right carriers is critical. Companies should be aware that whilst some datacentre providers can build the best high-performance computing platform, without connectivity provisioning on-ramp to other clouds, businesses won’t be able to adopt a hybrid cloud strategy.



Our transit services will connect your solution to the Internet from our worldwide full routing table via multiple Tier 1, Tier 2 and peering providers over our fully resilient multi-site network. We can provide IPv4 and/or IPv6 transit and entertain full routes, partial routing tables or default route transit models. Standard services are supplied on a 95th percentile model with a default /30 and /126 address allocation.

Metro Ethernet 


Our Metro Ethernet service provides a cost-effective digital connection offering high-speed, point-to-point ethernet connectivity over fibre between the Coreix Points of Presence. The Metro Ethernet service runs exclusively on our diverse fibre rings, ensuring the reliability of your connections. We are partnered with industry standard companies to offer metro extensions around London and Europe. Options range from 10Mbps to 1,000Mbps and up-to 10,000Mbps per ethernet connection.

Dark Fibre & Wavelengths 


We use multiple providers to complete our Metro ring and take Dark Fibre and Wavelength services from diverse companies through multiple routes to obtain optimum resiliency and low latency options. We can offer Wavelength services on selected routes direct from Coreix and other Wavelength and Fibre routes through our partners. These services enable you to connect your equipment to various fibre networks and securely connect your colocation services to your destination. These solutions are suitable for companies that require exceptionally high bandwidth with low latency to a specific destination or for dedicated solutions that are concerned about meeting and maintaining the industry's highest security standards. 

Leased Lines 


Direct and secure connectivity directly to your office can be advantageous in many scenarios. We are able to offer leased lines from our partner companies with whom we have built a relationship. Connect your offices to the Coreix network via any of our Data Centre POPs with a Metro Ethernet tail or even to your colocation services directly. These solutions are suitable for companies wishing to securely connect their offices to their solution at Coreix.