Always on it

Always on it

Coreix is a leading IT services company known for its exceptional service and response times. We provide cloud, hosting, colocation, infrastructure fully managed services as well as remote working, to businesses across the globe. If you’re looking for secure, robust, high quality IT and hosting solutions

Fully managed

Handling all your essential IT requirements, within our SLA and all to our exacting high standards.

Hosted services

Individually tailored hosting solutions offering premium bandwidth, covered by 24/7 support and security.


Easy, versatile and scalable access to computing resources that grow seamlessly with your business.


All sites are built to exceptional standards, rated Tier 3+ and are backed by 100% uptime SLA and 24/7/365 on-site support.

Disaster recovery

Working with you to develop, implement and test your disaster recovery measures, to ensure you’re fully prepared.

Data security

Our multiple Tier 3+ data centres located worldwide power and protect your critical infrastructure.

Remote working

Tailor-made IT packages to suit your network of remote working environments for compliance, safety and security.

Always on it

Data centres

Our core datacentre, Enfield offers 32,000 sq. ft. of best-in-class facilities for colocation and managed hosting solutions, with a total capacity of 8MVA while our Welwyn Garden City data centre is our key disaster recovery site.

At Coreix, we know that scalability is key so we operate a number of data centres in Europe as well as crucial POPs such as the Docklands to ensure an effective low latency network regardless of your location.


Always on it


We’re constantly looking for more, and better, solutions for our customers. By expanding our data centre network across Europe, with sites in multiple locations, the resulting server proximity significantly reduces latency for all clients with offices in those locations. And for customers outside of those regions, an additional data centre in a different location offers the opportunity to strengthen disaster recovery, as it serves as extra back-up, further minimising the risk of failure and downtime..


Robust quality systems

Carbon off-setting, renewable energy and strict environmental policies

Physical and network security

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard as a certified PCI DSS hosting provider

Cloud hosting provider for the public sector and government

Investment in energy-saving technology