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Rightmove client story



Rightmove is an impressive success story. The company was created in 2000 as a joint venture between four of the UK's largest property agents. It grew quickly, and was first listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2006. 

In case you don’t know the business, Rightmove provides property details, both sale and rental, to a nationwide audience and beyond, listing properties on behalf of agents and advertisers. But if you’re in the UK you almost certainly will know Rightmove - it lists around 95% of all properties for sale in the country and at any time displays a stock of over one million properties to buy or rent, attracting a massive 140 million visits from home movers each month.

Rightmove makes money from listing estate agents on its website and offering advertising products to those agents. Ads are visible to users searching for property in the area where the estate agent operates. 

So delivering content for those enormous audiences each month and keeping customers happy by generating traffic is critical for Rightmove. Needless to say then, the company has always had an understandably high demand for server space, as well as for assured continuity and failsafe systems. The need for connectivity lies right at the heart of the business. 


The problem


Rightmove approached Coreix in 2019, not to rectify a problem necessarily, but in order to provide enhanced, reliable connectivity to better manage demand. Their requirements were simple: security, reliability, connectivity, convenience, and of course price.

Having their own technical team, Rightmove were very clear about what they wanted:

  • A set yet scalable bandwidth commit on diverse 2x10G bearers with the options for hot spares or active/active in a north London location
  • A highly resilient connection as well as high capacity giving ample room for growth

They made their expectations clear from the first conversation, and Coreix was just one of several providers approached. Coreix services are always price-competitive, but we were confident we could exceed their expectations in every way.


The Coreix solution


In technical terms, we provided resilient 10gbps with a set CDR (Committed Data Rate). This meant they paid a fixed rate for a portion of the connection but had adequate capacity for bursts of requirements. To ensure resiliency, we utilised diverse routing for the connections, which we backed off against our robust SLAs. More significantly for Rightmove however, we were also able to provide outstanding service.

Security: We take security very seriously, and apply our stringent levels of compliance and protection to every single client. Not only are we certified ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, our data centres are also accredited to Tier 3+ - just shy of the highest possible security level, and as a result, have clients within our portfolio whose actual business is security. So for Rightmove, we were able to create a very compelling security offering, comfortably exceeding their requirements.

Reliability: Thanks to the Coreix Service Guarantee we were also able to confidently offer Rightmove 100% network and infrastructure uptime. We have a number of back-up power systems to ensure fail-safe reliability to the highest possible standards. From multiple alternative power sources right down to five diesel generators on-site and on stand-by with over 72 hours worth of fuel stored for all eventualities, as is required for data centres of this level.

Connectivity: As providers of full solutions as well as back-end services for wider solutions, we understand the need for robust SLAs and resilient links. Robust connectivity is essential, which we offer as standard thanks to our low latency network and super-speed route optimisation. 

Convenience: Rightmove wanted a manageable space for their hardware and one that they were able to access conveniently for updates and maintenance. Our locations, 24-hour on-site support team and exceptionally high standards of cleanliness, power, cooling and physical security ticked every box and more.

Price: Price is always important. Having proved we could exceed Rightmove’s every expectation, we needed to demonstrate that it wouldn’t cost them the earth. And this was straightforward because with the Coreix Service Guarantee, excellence comes as standard. We’re always cost-competitive, and we’re confident that with Coreix, Rightmove has the best value for money partner out there.


The Coreix service guarantee:

  • 100% network availability
  • 100% infrastructure availability
  • 5 minute response time 24/7/365


Always on it 


While many providers offer connectivity, Rightmove chose to work with Coreix because Coreix always goes above and beyond. 

John Smith, Head of IT at Rightmove said “Coreix have been an outstanding partner since our first conversation, and both the connectivity they offer and their level of service is second to none.”

Luke Jackson, Sales Director at Coreix, said “We’re proud to work with Rightmove, offering the robust connectivity that their business needs to help keep the UK’s property market running smoothly.”

The service we provide as standard even for a client whose needs are as straightforward as just extra connectivity means that businesses like Rightmove always feel at home with Coreix. It’s no surprise that most of our clients come to us through referrals and that more than 95% choose to renew with us year in year out.

If you’re interested in seeing how your business can benefit from working with Coreix, email Luke at to find out more.