Dedicated Servers Information

Coreix Dedicated Servers: Tailored to You and No One Else

Achieving success online requires drive, focus, and dedication. When your ascent to the top means your requirements become too big to share, Coreix is here to provide you with your own piece of cyberspace.

A dedicated server is the reward for your dedication, an indication of your intent and the platform from which you fulfil your potential.

If your size, traffic or load activity means your website is too resource-intensive to be hosted on shared servers, Coreix offers solutions that are tailored solely to the task at hand, giving you the power and flexibility to run the services you require in any manner you wish. A dedicated server is yours and yours only. You have the freedom to use it for any task you choose and utilise the full resource to achieve optimum performance.

From Basic server space offering 4GB memory, 500GB HDD and 5TB transfer, to professional 32GB, 2 x 1TB HDD or 1 x 250GB SSD, 10TB transfer quick deployment options, to bespoke enterprise solutions built according to your specific requirements, Coreix delivers packages that exceed all business objectives.

Why use Coreix?

Coreix is committed to excellence and strives to ensure every aspect of our service works to help you excel in your online applications.

Taking advantage of our dedicated server packages allows you to benefit from:

  • 100% guaranteed uptime on network, and power and core infrastructure
  • full flexibility tailored around your needs with the ability to install the services and software you require
  • control, putting you in charge with instant access to your server 24x7x365
  • reliability – no performance issues related to other users on the server
  • secure hosting within fortress-like facilities
  • on-site support whenever you need it.

With proactive monitoring and regular updates overseen by our team of dedicated server experts, Coreix gives you the peace of mind that your hosting solution is in safe hands – at all times.