Always on it

Public Cloud

Requirements at scale

Cloud computing provides easy, scalable access to computing resources. It’s so versatile that almost every business today runs with at least one cloud component. At Coreix we have a variety of of public cloud platforms we have partnered with. We have developed extensive expertise and offered innovative products that gives you reliability and security for your data.

Coreix Public cloud alows you move and innovate faster without the worry of resources or infrastructure. It offers a nearly limitless pool of raw compute, storage and networking components. These components all share the following benefits:

  • Durable as well as highly avilable with redundancy and replication
  • Secure  through automatic encryption and role based access control
  • Scalable with virtually unlimited storage
  • Managed handling maintenance and any critical problems
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world
  • Hybrid capable as requirements change for your business
  • Flexible Only pay for what you need, when you need it

Unlike other providers our Public cloud has SLAs of 100% uptime, 100% infrastructure availability and 100% network availability with our 5 minute response 24/7/365 as standard meaning unlike other providers there is always someone available to assist you.

  • Price control Either fix pricing or operate on PAYG for variable needs
  • High availablity and elasticity to alter reasrouces immediately
  • Geo-distribution using our different locations for disaster recovery and assurance
  • Robustly secure with proactive compliance management
  • Scalable to build how you want and deploy where you want
  • Futureproof & continuous innovation to allow you to focus on bigger things