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Private Cloud

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A private cloud is a computing service offered either over the internet or a private internal network to selected users (your company) only, not the general public. Being a cloud service, private clouds have all the cloud benefits of self-service, scalability and elasticity with additional control and customisation. Private clouds deliver a much higher level of security and privacy.

A private cloud solution offers the flexibility of public cloud with the additional assurance that these resources are dedicated to your business alone. Private clouds need to be specifically tailored to your requirements to ensure a truly flexibile and scalable service so we work with you to discuss and implement your options.

Private Cloud offers:

  • More Control As these resources are not shared with others you have much more control over sensitive information and levels of privacy
  • More Flexibility With the correct implementation we can build a solution that fits around your specific business needs
  • More Scalability Built for unpredictable traffic private cloud offers easily scalable resources with the security of on premises infrastructure

Coreix have been building these solutions since 2003 and have a highly accredited technical team to help you choose the best solution for your business. We believe in offering the right solution for your current and future needs and will work with you to ensure your infrastructure holds up against any unpredictability. 

Our private cloud solutions are offset with our standard SLA of 100% uptime, 100% infrastructure availability and 100% network availability with our 5 minute response 24/7/365 meaning unlike other providers there is always someone available to assist you and keep your business running.

Speak with us today to understand how your business can use these standards for your customers and infrastructure.