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Coreix translates effortlessly to German

As part of our commitment to serving our international customers, and with the looming pressure of colocation issues on the back of Brexit talks, we’ve now opened our third data centre in Frankfurt, Germany.

This tier 3 hyperscale data centre offers 24/7 security, is carrier-neutral and fully resilient as is standard for a data centre of this grade. However, being Coreix, we don’t settle for standard, and have further scaling-up planned. We are certain this will bolster our offering and allows for scalability as and when required, regardless of location.

As our network grows to develop a dedicated presence in Europe, Coreix can now offer greater resilience and highly sought-after services, with further plans being released in 2021.

Paul Davies, Technical Director of Coreix added,

Germany has been a high growth market for data centre space and the demand has only risen with the changing landscape of Europe and ripples from the final talks of Brexit. Offering our robust SLAs as standard across all of our locations means we can continue to offer our services regardless of location and allows more choice for how you want your data stored and where.’