Resilient Security

Due to the increasing prevalence of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on organisation networks, businesses need to ensure that they have resilient protection. This is to ensure that their companies do not suffer from reputational damage or financial losses as a result of downtime.

The size and velocity of these attacks is expected to grow exponentially with recent research revealing that there has been a 350 per cent increase in the number of large scale DDoS attacks taking place on corporate networks each year. These attacks typically last up to six hours.

At Coreix, we offer an array of managed protection services including anti-DDoS services to managed firewalls, monitoring, storage and backup solutions. At Coreix, we have a multi-tiered approach to network security in order to ensure that your systems are not compromised, so that you can have peace of mind 24 x7x365.

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Advanced detection to mitigate against network attacks

Being able to foresee and mitigate against a network attack before it happens could save your organisation thousands of pounds That is why the Coreix team has developed a solution which monitors the global BGP Internet Routing Table and detects which networks and ISPs are likely to suffer from latency hops and packet loss. This enables us to choose the most efficient route for your traffic to travel to and from.

Our network is independently monitored 24x7 and has the capability to detect failures and measure performance. In collaboration with Border 6, we are able to provide you with real time updates and reports as to what is happening on the network.

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24x7x365 Network monitoring (Technical and Network support team)

Our highly responsive experienced onsite network engineering team is available 24 hours a day to provide real time updates. This ensures that your mission critical servers, systems and infrastructure are in the optimal hosting environment.

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Rigorous hardware and software network Uptime SLAs

With an array of accreditations and standards to its name ranging from PCI DSS to ISO 270001, Coreix holds a 99.997% hardware and software Uptime SLA which ensures that your servers, systems and infrastructure are being monitored at all times.

Our datacentre and network engineering team will provide immediate support to ensure business continuity. Through our dedicated customer portal, you are able to have a complete insight into your company’s network activity and liaise directly with the technical and network support teams if you have any questions.

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Coreix Portal

Coreix has recently launched a new real time client portal. This will enable the company to monitor overall power utilisation across its London colocation facilities and scale requirements. It will enable clients to submit access requirests and tickets, organise contracts and SLAs, speak to their account manager and make payments. They will also have complete visibility of their datacentre and network connectivity activity and usage including rack and bandwidth activity levels. Customers are given access to their equipment cabinets throughout the portal where they will be able to view their iPDUs.

Customers will be able to scale their hosting requirements with the ability to monitor their power headroom as appropriate using this portal and contact the datacentre and network teams in real time to upscale/downscale as required.