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+45,000 routes optimised every single day*

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Super-fast, low latency connectivity

Coreix Network circles the city of London, connecting our data centres. It is built for high availability, speed and resilience.

Using intelligent XCA Edge routing technology across our network, we offer super-fast, low latency connectivity for our clients. With us, your data will always take the fastest route. It’s as simple as that.

Why Coreix?

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Sub 1ms latency for replication

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Speeds from 1GBPS > 100GBPS

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Over 10 years of 100% network uptime

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40GBPS on site network-wide DDoS mitigation and 100GBPS upstream DDoS mitigation as-standard

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On-site CCIE qualified engineers 24/7/365

Intelligent super-fast routing

Using innovative XCA Edge technology, we continually test multiple routes to their end destination, so that your data always takes fastest route.

Self-healing for high availability

Powered by the latest Juniper and Cisco technology our network has in-built self-healing.

Built for resilience

Protect your business with network wide DDoS mitigation as standard, with an option to upgrade to 100GBPS.

Disaster recovery

Replicate your systems and data to our North London disaster recovery data centre, across our layer 2 Network, build for security and speed.

Designed for performance

Our Network connects our London, London North and Docklands data centres.

Innovative technology

Connectivity partners

Linking our data centres to seamless global connectivity.


Internet exchange points

Network extensions

Our infrastructure

Delivering 100%, all day, every day.

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Our data centres

World-class London data centres

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Above & beyond support

Rely on our experts 24/7/365

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Our certifications

For intelligent hosting built on best practice