Finding an enterprise grade Tier 3 datacentre facility just outside of Central London

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Client: Nimbus Hosting

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The client

Nimbus Hosting is a UK based managed hosting company which provides high quality Linux and Windows cloud web hosting solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

The Challenge

Having encountered numerous power related issues, Nimbus Hosting needed to find an alternative energy efficient Tier 3 London based datacentre provider which could offer the team best in class connectivity, scalable hosting space alongside access to a highly skilled 24x7x365 remote hands team. As an expanding company, Nimbus also needed to ensure that it could have the flexibility to scale its operations accordingly.

Unsatisfactory remote hands assistance

Prior to migrating its systems, servers and infrastructure to Coreix, the team had experienced an unsatisfactory level of remote hands assistance. This was a major concern for the business as it needed to be able to rely on a provider which had datacentre and network engineers onsite to work on racks in the event of downtime.

Inaccessible location

A major concern for Nimbus was that in the event of an emergency, the team would not be able to access the datacentre as it was not in proximity to the engineers’ homes.

The Solution

As an established managed hosting, colocation and network services provider, the management, network and datacentre teams were able to tailor a solution for Nimbus. The company was very impressed with the array of bespoke colocation solutions which were in place ranging from quarter racks to private suites and data halls. The team listened to the major concerns which the company had with regards to hosting its IT operations onsite and put a plan in place which looked to scale their requirements. Coreix was able to deploy a colocation solution for Nimbus very quickly which helped to alleviate the headache of the migration process.

Multi-tiered approach to physical and network security

Nimbus was impressed with the site’s three metre perimeter fence, security bollards and array of security measures in place to deter any unauthorised personnel entering the facilities. These included on-site NSI Gold accredited 24x7x365 security personnel, a biometric entry system and secure on-site parking bays.

As well as this, each data hall and technical area had a unique access protocol with CCTV systems which were in operation throughout the site to provide an additional layer of security. The team was also able to offer an array of managed protection services ranging from managed firewalls and anti-DDoS services which could mitigate against any network attack.

Coreix has an extremely stringent approach to physical and network security with an array of accreditations to its name for environmental management, information governance, PCI DSS, energy efficiency and employee screening. These accreditations gave the team additional confidence that its servers would be well protected from any physical or network attacks.

Best in class network connectivity and redundancy

As a major concern, the chosen site had to be a well-connected datacentre. The fully redundant site had to have two diverse meet me rooms, 24x7 remote hands support, client areas, an onsite network operations team, a choice of carriers, internet exchange points and diverse fibre connectivity in place with access to its metro Ethernet fibre ring to route traffic. As well as this, the site had N+N UPS redundancy and N+1 diesel generators in place minimising the risk of any downtime.

Experienced qualified datacentre and network operations team

Each member of the datacentre and network operations team was qualified to CCIE standards. This reassured Nimbus that in the event of an emergency, the Coreix team would be able to take care of it within five minutes.

The Coreix team was also able to advise and assist on clustering, emergency diagnostics, firewalls, load balancing, routing, switching and topology design and implementation.

Nimbus was particularly happy with the complimentary services offered by Coreix which included one hour’s free remote hands service every month, hot desks, free secure onsite parking bays, free Wi-Fi, 14 days free secure storage/ build areas, an on demand migration service and access to the datacentre and network connectivity teams on a 24x7 basis.


Provided colocation space in a location which was convenient and accessible

Coreix was able to provide Nimbus with best in class enterprise grade colocation facilities which were in proximity to the M25 and central London. Situated 11 miles from the capital, the Coreix site provided the optimal location to host the company’s servers, systems and infrastructure in proximity to the Nimbus head office.

Robust and resilient network connectivity

With a robust metro Ethernet fibre ring, the company has complete diversity with regards to its network connectivity. This is further supported by a 100% uptime SLA on its core infrastructure and network. The company is able to be confident that it will not experience a moment of downtime and concentrate on what it does best - providing best in class managed hosting solutions to an array of businesses in the enterprise sector.

Exceptional network monitoring (Five minute SLAs)

Nimbus is confident that its network is being monitored at all times as Coreix has an extremely responsive network engineering team who manage it on a 24x7 basis. Coreix has provided the company with a host of anti-DDoS solutions enabling them to counter any attack on the network.


“As an established managed hosting, colocation and network services provider, I would be delighted to recommend Coreix to other service providers who are looking for best in class connectivity, robust and resilient colocation facilities and an extremely responsive remote hands team.”

“The team has enabled us to be able to concentrate on what we do best - providing best in class managed hosting solutions.”
Tim Dunton, CEO, Nimbus Hosting

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