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Client: Charles Square

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The client

Charles Square is an independent IT consultancy focused on serving the comprehensive needs of commercial organisations at all stages of their business life cycle.

The Challenge

In helping to advise technology directors on how to maximise return on their IT operations, Craig Harris and Gareth Broekmann needed to find a reliable data centre facility just outside of central London for their end user clients.

Having used multiple datacentres in the past, Charles Squarerequired a provider which could offer an additional level of support if needed in the unlikely event of downtime. The team at Charles Square were looking to find one which could offer their clients cost effective colocation, networking services, flexible contracts and the ability to be able to up or downscale requirements.

Most of all, they wanted piece of mind that there was a highly experienced team in place who could work on racks and enable the company’s customers to have ultra-fast low latency connectivity throughout the UK no matter what time of the day or night it was.

The Solution

Going that extra mile for customers across all colocation sites

With many providers claiming to offer client areas and free Wi-Fi as a luxury, Craig found that the Coreix team go above and beyond for each and every one of their customers. They offer client areas with free Wi-Fi, temporary storage and build rooms, a kitchen with tea and coffee making facilities and recreational areas. As well as this, Coreix also offers an on demand migration service.

With the aid of a client portal, the company’s clients are able to monitor their rack and bandwidth usage. Customers are also able to interact with the staff if they would like to up or downscale, speak to an account manager, organise SLAs or make payments.

Having heard positive feedback from peers in the industry about the extremely high level of service which is provided to customers across its portfolio of datacentres, Craig and his team were impressed with how Coreix were able to make the client experience as stress free as it could have possibly been.

One size does not always fit all

What particularly stood out for the company was that the sales team were extremely knowledgeable and did not try and force the company to choose a one size fits all solution. They were fully transparent throughout the whole process and were able to offer them value added solutions which suited their clients’ requirements.

Coreix is able to provide an array of additional services to Charles Square if needed such as shared firewalls, DDoS protection, load balancers, hardware purchasing and network design.

Flexible solutions through its portfolio

The team at Charles Square were impressed that Coreix wer able to offer flexible contacts to their clients. Coreix give an additional layer of flexibility in ensuring that their network traffic requirements are being routed how and where they want without it being compromised.

Well connected site with superior network resilience and redundancy

With a 100% infrastructure, power and network SLA in place, the company is able to be confident that it will not experience a moment of downtime.

The fully redundant Enfield site has two diverse meet me rooms, 24x7 remote hands support, client areas, and an onsite network operations team. It also offers best in class connectivity via its own metro fibre ring which enables customers to have access to a vast array of carriers, Internet Exchange Points and Internet Service Providers. As well as this, the site has N+N UPS redundancy and N+1 diesel generators in place minimising the risk of any downtime.

Five minute response time SLA

The Charles Square team are able to highly recommend Coreix due to having a very responsive technical team in place who are available on both a contracted and pre-arranged basis. All queries are answered within a five minute period no matter what time of the day or night it is. This gives Charles Square the reassurance that Coreix will be able to put a solution in place.


Taking the headache out of colocation for clients

The team at Charles Square have complete confidence that in the unlikely event of downtime, Coreix engineers will be there when needed to fix any issues on their clients’ core infrastructure and network. With Coreix engineers trained to CCIE standards, the team are assured that their colocation and network queries will be looked into within a five minute period.

The company offers an impressive 100% uptime SLA on their core infrastructure and network which means that Charles Square and its clients can get on with what they do best while Coreix look after backend operations.


“I have used multiple DCs in the past and the one key area for my company when implementing DC solutions is that we have a good network and support team at the DC that can help. Coreix have been able to provide this from day one. They are knowledgeable, flexible and willing to help and for me that is key.

I am aware that there are cheaper alternatives and many of our clients when carrying out their own due diligence have found the same, but I explain to them that Coreix offer an extra layer that you would not get with the cheaper alternatives and for me knowing that I have a team there to help quickly resolve issues is important when recommending Coreix to our clients”
Craig Harris, Charles Square

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