Financial Services

In recent times, there has been increased scrutiny on organisations operating in the financial services and capital markets space due to external and internal compliance and governance breaches.

Situated in the financial capital of the world, Coreix has numerous datacentres located across London to ensure that you have complete data redundancy when looking to carry out financial transactions. Coreix offers best in class robust and secure managed hosting solutions to clients across the globe. The company has an array of stringent SLAs in order to give you as a customer peace of mind that your servers, systems and infrastructure are in the optimal hosting environment at all times.

Resilient network connectivity

Coreix enables business to be able to experience ultra-fast low latency connectivity via its robust and resilient metro fibre ring. This connects to an array of tier 1, tier 2 carriers and Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) such as Zayo, Level 3 and LINX underpinned by 99.997% SLAs.

Rigorous industry SLAs including PCI DSS to ensure continuity of operations

Coreix has achieved an array of SLAs to ensure that your business data is not compromised including PCI DSS and ISO 27001.

With each of our datacentres offering a 100% uptime guarantee, organisations can interact with our technical and network support team. All tickets are answered within a five minute period by our onsite technical support and network monitoring teams. Coreix offers an end to end solution for organisations operating in the financial services space that look to have their servers, systems and infrastructure located in robust, secure and resilient tier III hosting solutions.

Our datacentre and network support teams provide immediate support to our clients in order to ensure business continuity. Through our dedicated customer portal, clients have complete insight into their organisations network activity. They can liaise directly with the technical and network support teams if you have any questions.

Scalable hardware solutions which match your corporate IT objectives

At Coreix, we will collaborate with you on your unique corporate IT objectives to ensure that you are using the most resilient enterprise grade hosting solutions which work for your IT strategy and budget. Whether you require a server to host a large scale database or need a fully hosted managed multi-site solution, our experienced team will work with your technical staff to ensure that you have the right infrastructure, redundancy, backup and storage solutions to protect your mission critical data and applications.

Bespoke colocation solutions

Whether you’re looking for a quarter rack, private suite or data hall, our company will be able to tailor a solution which works for your company’s needs, strategy and budget. Coreix enables businesses to be able to scale their requirements across its tier 3 datacentre portfolio which offers complete N+1 power redundancy and 2 N+N UPS protection along with a diverse range of carriers to ensure that your business does not experience a moment of downtime.

Dedicated private cloud solutions

Our private cloud service offers the optimal solution for enterprise organisations looking for managed firewall, backup, storage, network, monitoring and support. We can build a solution which matches your needs. Our team will work with you to ensure that your IT requirements are optimised through best in class support accompanied by a 24x7 support team.

Tailored managed server solutions

As an extension of your corporate IT team, Coreix offers an array of tailored managed server solutions including hardware redundancy, clustering, load balancing, firewall and data replication services to ensure that your business does not experience a moment of downtime.