Always on it

Disaster recovery

We’re prepared for the unexpected - are you?

Our managed disaster recovery service mitigates against the risk of unforeseen events - from fire and flooding, through to cyber-attacks. If the unexpected happens - our expertise will keep your mission critical systems on, delivering business as usual, with minimal disruption. By understanding your business, we can develop, implement and test your disaster recovery measures, to ensure you’re fully prepared.

Disaster recovery measures

Active/active multi-site replication

  • Replicate your mission critical systems, data and applications across our network at >10GBPS – creating an active failback, that’s ready to go live at any time.

Active/passive replication

  • Achieve cost-effective failback provision, by replicating your mission critical systems at a secondary site.


Managed backup

  • Gain peace-of-mind with our automated managed backup service, which stores your data safely off-site.

Automatic failover

  • Use our multi-site load balancing and clustering to support automatic failover and restorations.