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Data security

We take security seriously

We are extremely diligent with our security, which is why we have some of the highest-level secured clients in the country on our books. That’s not down to luck. And we extend our security offering to all our customers, and their customers too. Because of our obsession with security, some of the organisations that you entrust your personal data to already run on Coreix networks.

Our dedicated team of experts will help you to design, build, implement and manage your secure hosting environment, aligned to relevant best-practice frameworks.

  • Physically secure: Our data centres are Tier 3+ accredited with 24-hour round the clock security and multiple backup systems
  • Managed backup and restore: Rely on fully encrypted incremental backups, with a managed restoration service on demand
  • Managed firewalls and VPN:  Let our experts select, implement and maintain industry-leading firewall technologies, to protect your mission critical systems, including VPN provision
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware:  Protect your business from viruses, malware and other security breaches, with a best-fit combination of hardware and software, designed to suit your environment
  • DDoS mitigation:  The threat of DDoS attacks is rising. Use our expertise and advanced technology to identify malicious traffic, conduct penetration and vulnerability testing, and protect your business from the risk of attack
  • Penetration testing: We offer penetration testing using a trusted third party to assure you that nothing is overlooked or missed in ensuring your data is protected