Company Quality Policy Statement

The Board of Directors for Coreix Limited is committed meeting requirements and client expectations and is dedicated to providing services that meet or exceed all requirements in pursuit of established quality objectives and continuous improvement in regards to the effectiveness of our procedures, policies and business processes aligned with the strategic direction of the organisation.  

To meet this commitment we are dedicated to the following points: 

  • Comply with regulatory and legal requirements
  • Continually improve the effectiveness of Quality Management System by documenting and measuring Quality Objectives and targets through Internal Audit and Management Review 
  • Ensure the goals of an organisation’s strategy are reviewed and achieved  
  • Deliver the service in accordance with the specifications and requirements of clients
  • Offer quality products, services and support 
  • Invest in the latest technologies and equipment meeting the market requirements  
  • Foster good relationship with clients through effective communication that include a feedback for ensuring customer satisfaction  
  • Monitor and evaluate the quality of suppliers 
  • Improve employee competence and motivation by education and training to comply with the procedures and practises to enable them to work for continual improvement 
  • Make quality information available to interested parties  


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