Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud : Bridging the gap between public and private cloud

What is a Virtual Private Cloud?

Virtual Private Cloud brings you the best of both public and private cloud. It combines the cost effective and scalable nature of a public cloud with the enterprise hardware performance and reliability of a private cloud.

With our cloud you'll be able to buy guaranteed resources for compute, memory and disk space and performance. Your cloud instances will be stored in a high performance cloud with automatic failover and backup with enterprise level support. Best of all, unlike public cloud you won't have to redesign your solution to work in the cloud, it supports manufacturer template deployments and is the ideal place to migrate you legacy infrastructure.

Talk to our team today to see how our Virtual Private Cloud platform can maximise the cost savings and performance gains from moving to the cloud.

What we offer as standard

High availability with automatic failover

Backups and managed restoration

Full flash based storage class leading performance

Load balancing and firewalling

24x7x365 on site support

DDoS Mitigation


Purchase a bundle of resources and split it in to as many, or as few instances as you like.

Example packages

A bundle of resources as standard include 160GB of storage with a minimum of 600 IOPs, RAM allocation and CPU performance

600 CPU Mark

Optional Extras

Additional 1GB RAM

Additional 160GB Flash Storage with 600 IOPs

Additional 600 CPU Mark

Additional IPv4 Address

Virtual Load Balancer
Virtual Firewall
Automatic Backup
Managed Restoration

2400 CPU Mark
4800 CPU Mark
9600 CPU Mark

Our refreshingly honest approach

As a company, we offer transparent solutions which match your business requirements. This enables you to be safe in the knowledge that you know the number of IOPs which you will need for your hard drive, CPU mark, level of support and pricing structures.

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