Cloud and ISP

Whether you require additional backup and storage, firewall protection or need advice on upscaling your infrastructure requirements, our experienced team is on hand 24/7 to ensure that your business is operational at all times, leaving us to manage your IT operations.

Our experienced and qualified front line technical support datacentre, operations and network connectivity team are available 24x7x365 days a year. Technical support is able to offer advice on backup and restoration, database optimisation, hack recovery, security auditing, virtualisation technologies as well as web hosting technologies and control panels. Further to this, the company’s network engineering team monitor and manage the network from the network operations centre which is situated within our secure, robust tier III facility in Enfield.

Responsive operations team

All of our network engineers are trained to at least CCIE (Cisco) or JNCIE (Juniper) standards and are able to advise and assist with any client requirement to include clustering, emergency diagnostics, firewalls, load balancing, routing and switching and topology design and implementation.

Our experienced network and datacentre teams have custom designed dedicated managed hardware and software solutions in order to give peace of mind to our customers that their mission critical data is being monitored 24 hours a day. At Coreix, we will work with you to ensure that you have best in class firewall, back-up, and storage solutions that suit your unique corporate requirements.

All of our network engineers are trained CCIE standards. They are able to advise and assist with any client requirements to include clustering, emergency diagnostics, firewalls, load balancing, routing and switching and topology design and implementation.

Managed Protection Services

At Coreix, we offer an array of managed protection services including anti-DDoS services to managed firewalls, monitoring, storage and backup solutions. At Coreix, we have a multi-tiered approach to network security in order to ensure that your systems are not compromised, so that you can have peace of mind 24 x7x365.

Our network is independently monitored 24x7 and has the capability to detect failures and measure performance. In collaboration with Border 6, we are able to provide you with real time updates and reports as to what is happening on the network.

Rigorous hardware and software network uptime SLAS

With an array of accreditations and standards to its name ranging from PCI DSS to ISO 270001, Coreix holds a 99.997% hardware and software Uptime SLA which ensures that your servers, systems and infrastructure are being monitored at all times.

Our datacentre and network engineering team will provide immediate support to ensure business continuity. Through our dedicated customer portal, you are able to have a complete insight into your company’s network activity and liaise directly with the technical and network support teams if you have any questions.

Managed Infrastructure Services

Coreix offers clients the flexibility of being able to choose if they would like either an unmanaged network attached storage platform (NAS) platform or a fully managed, encrypted, multi-site managed backup platform. Our dedicated team of datacentre and network engineers can advise you as to which is the optimal solution for your business requirements.

High Availability

Coreix offers a range of services to enable the highest of availability for mission critical applications. A few of the most common technologies have been outlined below, they can be implemented within a single, or spanning multiple datacentres.