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27 2015-03-27 2015

Global Server Market Enjoys Robust Growth for 2014

If anyone needs a reason to be optimistic about the global server market, the latest revenue numbers should do the trick. Internal Data Corporation (IDC), one of the world’s leading global market intelligence firms, says that the global server market grew by 2.3%, year-on-year, between 2013 and 2014. Total industry-wide revenues last year exceeded US $50 billion (£33.3 billion).

06 2015-03-06 2015

New Oracle X5 Portfolio Pushes the Envelope

Oracle chairperson Larry Ellison took to the podium in mid-January (2015) to announce the introduction of Oracle X5, the latest edition of the company’s Exadata system first introduced in 2008. However, the announcement was much more than that which we normally get from Oracle. Rather than just talking about the latest portfolio, Ellison let it be known that his company is planning to compete directly with major players such as Red Hat and Cisco for cloud dominance.

13 2015-02-13 2015

DDoS Mitigation: Keeping Your Servers up and Running

One of the easiest ways to take down a company’s web servers is to launch a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against it. A properly executed DDoS attack can completely shut down servers for hours on end, causing severe financial losses and damaged reputations. As you might imagine, DDoS mitigation is an important part of modern IT security.

30 2015-01-30 2015

Oracle Challenges Cisco with X5 Engineered Systems

It is no secret that Oracle has long wanted to upset Cisco as one of the clear leaders in the server market. Yet doing so has seemed a lot more elusive than Oracle’s desire to get it done. They hope their new X5 Engineered Systems portfolio will be the weapon that finally puts up a good fight against Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS).

28 2014-11-28 2014

Intel Promises New Xeon Phi Chip Will Not Be a Failure

In what some are saying is a pre-emptive move to curb criticism of its Xeon Phi line of chips for supercomputers, Intel recently made an announcement regarding the latest incarnation of the line, code-named Knights Hill. Though few details were provided in the announcement, Intel insists the chip will not be a colossal failure along the same lines of the previously manufactured Larabee chip.

14 2014-11-14 2014

The Benefits of Energy Efficient Servers

Within the last few months, we have heard announcements from HP, Dell, and Lenovo regarding new server configurations for enterprise environments. Lenovo was the third to announce their plans that include three new servers with the latest Intel Xeon Haswell chips. Their design plans call for more efficient servers that can run at higher temperatures without compromising performance.

19 2014-09-19 2014

IBM’s Updated x86 Server Line Likely to Be Its Last

In what it is likely to be its last server series before the well-documented sale to Lenovo, IBM has launched an updated line of M5 x86 servers to support enterprise workloads and computing environments.

25 2014-07-25 2014

Windows Server 2003 Enters its Last Year of Support

In less than a year (on July 14, 2015), Microsoft will end its support for Windows Server 2003. This will end a 12-year run for the server operating system and force an estimated 15 million physical server deployments to seek alternative options.

13 2014-06-13 2014

Mesosphere Secures Funding to Simplify Server Resource Management

Mesosphere, a start-up company based on the Apache Mesos open-source software, has raised an impressive $10.5 million in series A funding, taking a step closer to its aim of simplifying management of server resources inside data centres of some of tech’s biggest players.

16 2014-05-16 2014

The Heartbleed Continues

Last month we reported on the OpenSSL Heartbleed security vulnerability that was putting websites across the globe at risk of exploitation. Well, over a month after the flaw was originally made public, it seems like hundreds of thousands of servers are still under threat.

21 2014-03-21 2014

Xen 4.4 Brings Full Virtualisation to ARM

The Xen Project, a group within the Linux Foundation that specialises in the development of the Xen hypervisor, has announced the release of version 4.4 of its open-source technology, which includes enhanced support for ARM-based server platforms and greater scalability for cloud computing servers.

28 2014-02-28 2014

Intel Hopes to Boost Sales with New Xeon Server Chip

Intel Corp has unveiled a new high-end 15-core Xeon E7 v2 chip with hopes of boosting sales in the corporate sector.

31 2014-01-31 2014

Why is Lenovo Trying to Buy the IBM Server Business?

It now looks almost certain that Lenovo is going to purchase IBM’s x86 server business for $2.3 billion (about £1.39 billion). This may seem a risky move by the Chinese company as most of the market for x86 is in the US, with some experts speculating that instead of clients moving from IBM to Lenovo, they may turn to other companies such as Dell or Hewlett-Packard. Things are complicated even further by the fact that US congress passed a bill limiting the amount of IT technology that should be purchased from China. There is some concern that these fears in the US could prevent the deal from going through.

18 2013-11-18 2013

Up to 92 Per Cent of Servers Have Outdated Antivirus Software

The Bit9’s 2013 Server Security Survey has revealed the worrying statistic that up to 92 per cent of IT professionals are using outdated antivirus software to protect their servers. This survey involved 800 IT professionals, so it was a relatively large study. It means that most servers are not benefiting from the best possible protection. This same study also revealed that the majority of IT professionals do not feel confident in their ability to deal with potential threats to security.

30 2013-08-30 2013

Server Farms May Be Able to Cut Emissions by Eighty-Eight Per Cent

An article last week in the Guardian newspaper (21 August 2013) examined how new technology and better strategies may be able to allow data centres to cut their emissions by as much as 88 per cent. These exciting claims become even more interesting with the news that data centres can make the required changes in easy steps. Reducing emissions is important so that we can protect the planet for future generations – as an added bonus, data centres who take the steps to reduce emissions can actually end up saving a great deal of money.

19 2013-08-19 2013

Even the New York Times Has to Deal with Server Outages

The New York Times website is one of the most popular destinations on the web, but this does not mean that they are immune to server outages. Their website went down on Wednesday (15 August 2013) and was offline for most of the day. They revealed that the problem was due to a server outage – they also had internal problems with loss of email and other web-based services.

26 2013-07-26 2013

New Server Companies Starting to Dominate in the Marketplace

The big brand names have controlled the server market up until now, but there are signs that this is changing. Facebook recently created their own data centre, which included servers that they have designed themselves. This is part of a growing trend as more and more big data users are deciding that they want something more specific to their own needs. The brand names are great for knocking out a line of servers, but they fail abysmally when it comes to providing custom-made options. It is for this reason that new startup server companies are beginning to make a significant impact.

12 2013-07-12 2013

Darkleech Malware Causing Misery on Apache Servers

A type of ransomware called Darkleech is causing huge problems for web hosting companies around the world. This malware works by taking control of the computers of users until they agree to hand over some cash. It works because of certain vulnerabilities in Apache servers – the malware has been designed to target these vulnerabilities. There are also fears that the hackers involved in these campaigns are also able to find vulnerabilities in c-Panel, meaning there could be an escalation in their underhanded campaigns in the future.

28 2013-05-28 2013

Data Centre in Sweden Makes Huge Savings by Using Seawater to Cool Servers

A Swedish data centre company called Interxion claims to be saving US $1 million (£660,000) a year by using seawater to cool their servers. This innovative approach was discussed this week in a web article on Computer World. Data centre servers are notoriously difficult to keep cool, but failure to keep them cool will mean that the data is at risk. In order to keep a data centre running, a company will usually have to spend huge sums of money on this aspect of the business. If there could be a way to significantly reduce this bill, it would be very good news indeed for data centre owners.

23 2012-12-23 2012

Dell is Confident of their Ability to Dominate the Server Market

Dell has managed to become one of the main players in the server market, and their goal now is to completely dominate this market. At a conference last week Michael Dell talked about how his company is putting increasing focus on servers and enterprise services – although he also made it clear that the company still intends to keep the PC market happy.

24 2012-11-24 2012

Big Data Servers from HP

HP has been working hard to satisfy the needs of their customers who have big data requirements. The new ProLiant servers will be ideal for this type of usage. This is a new system that has been designed especially managing big data. There is good demand for this high capacity server so HP has great hopes for its success. The ProLiant family allows users to scale out their servers by adding on additional chassis. This then gives them the ability to deal with really big data.

18 2012-11-18 2012

The Latest US Email Scandal Provides a Lesson to Us All

If people have been following the world news this week, they will probably have heard about how the CIA director, David Petraeus, ended up in serious trouble over some emails he sent. He is now paying a heavy price for some love letters he sent using, what he believed, to be a secure means of communicating. It just goes to show, if the director of the CIA can have his email compromised then what about the rest of us?

16 2012-11-16 2012

Hewlett Packard Introduce Itanium Server Technology

If you were following the tech news last year you may remember a story about a legal dispute between Hewlett Packard and Oracle Corp involving Itanium technology. It is still unclear about how this dispute is resolving, but Hewlett Packard have just announced that they will be providing new server technology that make use of Itanium processors. HP customers will now have to choose between regular processors or these high end processors.

11 2012-10-11 2012

What to Expect with Windows Server 2012

The Windows Server 2012 products mean significant changes to this system. Anyone who is now considering updating will have a little bit of a learning curve, but there are certainly some improvements that will come along with this update. Here are just some of the things that people can expect from the Windows Server Update 2012:

13 2012-09-13 2012

Google Moves its Latin American Servers to Chile

The business community in Chile is likely delighted to hear the news that Google intends to have their servers for the whole of Latin America installed there. This is a $150 million dollar (about £93 million) project so it is likely to be a nice boost for the local economy. There is also the hope that being chosen by Google will encourage other businesses to view Chile as a viable option for their operations. Google is one of the most successful multinational companies in the world so the fact that they selected Chile over other countries in the area means something.

09 2012-09-09 2012

Intel Soaks Servers in Year Long Oil Bath

Intel has just released news of their experiments using non-conductive mineral oil to keep servers cool. They ultimate aim was for this to reduce their energy costs – normally it takes a great deal of energy to keep their servers cool. So far the reports of this experiment have been extremely positive, and it may well be that more servers will be given the spa treatment in the future.