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18 2015-05-18 2015

Is your enterprise ready for the Internet of Things?

In recent times, there have been heightened concerns amongst industry commentators about how enterprises are coping with the exponential growth in the number of devices, applications and platforms connected to the internet. As well as this, there has been quite a lot of interest amongst stakeholder groups around what provisions are being put in place by datacentre providers and managed hosting companies to ensure that organisations do not experience outages or downtime leading to loss of revenue and profit margins.

01 2015-05-01 2015

How to Know You Are Getting a Quality Web Hosting Provider

Web hosting and colocation companies are as common these days as petrol stations and repair garages. A quick online search reveals dozens of service providers all claiming to offer the best price for the best possible service. So how do you know you are getting a quality web-hosting provider? How do you know when you have found the right balance between excellent service and competitive pricing?

03 2015-04-03 2015

Stocking Hardware Keeps You up and Running

The sign of a good hosting company is the ability to respond immediately to any negative situations that could cause customer downtime. For example, a failed hard drive could mean all of the sites and data hosted on that drive will be unavailable until the drive is replaced and configured. Hosting customers cannot afford to wait days or weeks for such problems to be overcome. At Coreix, we stock plenty of hardware and spare parts for this very reason.

20 2015-03-20 2015

The Benefits of Software Defined Networking

Software defined networking (SDN) is an approach to network management that relies on centralised software rather than hardware and forwarding. It is not necessarily new technology, but it is now just catching on as a better way to handle the needs of today’s high demand internet. Coreix supports SDN because of the many advantages it offers.

27 2015-02-27 2015

The Lowdown on Windows 10: Five Things You Need to Know

With every pending release of the Windows operating system, comes a long list of rumours about what consumers can expect. Things are no different with the anticipated release of Windows 10 later this year. What is different this time around is that Microsoft is being more proactive in addressing rumours in the hopes of getting people excited over an operating system that should rescue them from the damage done by Windows 8.

20 2015-02-20 2015

Breakthrough Technologies of 2014

Technology is awesome. At least that’s the mindset of most of the people who work in technology related industries such as web hosting and IT services. Every year, those of us in the technology arena watch to see what amazing new ideas make their way into the mainstream. We were certainly not disappointed in 2014.

23 2015-01-23 2015

Open Source Cloud Storage – Ready for Prime Time?

Since the establishment of the Open Source Initiative in 1998, there has been an ongoing debate over whether open source software solutions are viable in the highly competitive commercial world. The debate began with the introduction of the old Netscape web browser; it was amplified with the introduction of the Linux (UNIX-like) operating system; it rages on today thanks to OpenStack and other cloud computing initiatives.

16 2015-01-16 2015

China’s Contribution to Computing

From time to time, we hear news stories about cyber-attacks launched against Western countries out of China. In fact, China is quickly gaining a reputation as a formidable force to be reckoned with in the technology world. However, China did not just suddenly emerge as a power player on the global IT scene in the last few years. It has been part of the development of computing from the very beginning.

02 2015-01-02 2015

Why Spyware Is so Dangerous

Imagine someone standing outside your home, constantly looking through your windows and recording everything you do at all hours of the day and night. Then imagine that individual sending the recorded information to an office at which others will analyse it for any potential financial gain. How would you feel about that? You would probably find it very disturbing. In fact, you would probably do everything in your power to put a stop to it.

19 2014-12-19 2014

The Impact of ICT Products on Human Rights

We are fortunate to live in the Internet age in which the free flow of information is both encouraged and made possible by outstanding technology. However, everything we enjoy about the current age in which we live, there is also has a dark side. This is easily seen through information and communications technology (ICT) products and services that infringe on basic human rights. Such infringements cannot be tolerated if we intend the Internet and other communications arenas to remain open to the free flow of information and ideas.

12 2014-12-12 2014

Encrypting the Entire Web

The HTTP protocol is inherently insecure despite decades of successful use. We can all agree on that. The thing we have been unable to agree on is how to move the Internet from HTTP to HTTPS without creating a revolution among web developers and hosting companies. The answer may be in sight, thanks to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

21 2014-11-21 2014

The Advantages of Channel Bonding

As the demand for more robust data transfer and networking increases around the globe, engineers are routinely faced with the daunting task of meeting needs without major investments in new infrastructure and equipment that may become quickly outdated. This is no easy task. However, the concept of channel bonding has proven to be very beneficial in this regard. Channel bonding makes it possible to increase network capacity and speed using existing infrastructure.

24 2014-10-24 2014

Linux vs Windows vs Mac OS X – Which Hosting Solution is Right for You

Behind every effective website is a reliable hosting provider and a Web operating system capable of handling your mission-critical applications. Typically, this operating system will be either Linux or Windows; however, there are hosts that also offer Mac deployments across various hosting packages. So, with three options on the table, which one is best for you?

10 2014-10-10 2014

The Dangers of the ‘Shellshock’ or ‘Bash’ Bug

Computer viruses, malware, data loss – barely a day goes by without a vulnerability or exploit of some sort putting computer systems at risk. In the vast majority of cases, issues that arise are related to Windows computers and the often-targeted Microsoft operating system, allowing Linux and Mac OS X users to sit back and appreciate the fact they choose an OS that offers a much higher level of security out of the box. Both Linux and Mac OS X are inherently safer than Windows, but they are not without problems – problems that could easily result in a full-scale disaster, as a newly discovered Unix bug has revealed.

12 2014-09-12 2014

Data Centres and Carbon Footprint

Climate change poses a fundamental threat to the planet and has already started to transform life on earth, with shifting seasons, rising temperatures, and increasing sea levels. With one-quarter of the world’s species facing extinction by 2050 if the issue is not tackled, global warming has become a primary concern for governments, and plans are being implemented around the world to significantly reduce carbon emissions.

29 2014-08-29 2014

Gmail Hacked with 92% Accuracy

Gmail users beware; a way has been discovered that allows the popular email client to be hacked with a 92% success rate. Luckily, though, the method has not been discovered by cybercriminals, but by computer scientists who have presented their information in a new paper, Peeking into Your App without Actually Seeing It: UI State Inference and Novel Android Attacks, at the USENIX Security Symposium in San Diego.

15 2014-08-15 2014

The Importance of Internet Security in 2014

Internet security has long been at the forefront of safe computing and a must have for anyone that uses a Windows PC to get online. For users of Mac OS and the less popular Linux, where viruses have traditionally been virtually non-existent, antivirus software is seen as a weakness in an inferior operating system.

18 2014-07-18 2014

Raspberry Pi Launches New Version of its Mini-Computer

Just over two years after its initial release and with a cool three million sales worldwide, Raspberry Pi has announced the latest version of its credit card-sized computer.

27 2014-06-27 2014

Android and Windows Smartphones to Add ‘Kill Switch’

Google and Microsoft have signed an agreement to follow in the footsteps of Apple and Samsung by adding a ‘kill switch’ technology to their upcoming smartphones.

09 2014-05-09 2014

Google X Labs Promotes Humans over Technology

Google is responsible for some of the most notable technology of recent years, with its self-driving cars, internet enabled balloons, and pioneering Google Glass. However, while these projects are exciting, it seems they are far too visible for the liking of the man at the head of their creation.

25 2014-04-25 2014

More Than 20,000 Major Websites at Risk of Heartbleed Security Vulnerability

Heartbleed, a vulnerability that affects OpenSSL, is putting more than 20,000 major websites at risk of security breach.

28 2014-03-28 2014

ISPs Urged to Give Consumers What They Promise

Internet service providers (ISPs) in the UK are not providing consumers with the sort of broadband speeds and service that they are paying for, according to new research by consumer group Which?

14 2014-03-14 2014

Datacentre Careers – What Are My Choices?

21 2014-02-21 2014

Google Acquires Sound-Authentication Login Firm to Make the Web Safer

Google has reportedly acquired SlickLogin – an Israeli start-up company that allows users to login to websites using sound.

07 2014-02-07 2014

Will You Soon Be Able to Purchase Directly from Twitter?

Twitter is now one of the biggest social media websites on the planet. It was launched in 2006 as just a simple SMS service to be used for a small group of people, but it now has well over 500 million users.  Twitter is considered one of the real success stories of the internet, yet surprisingly this company has yet to make a profit. This might be about to change though with the expected launch of a shopping service using the platform.

01 2013-11-01 2013

Warning Signs that Your Web Servers Are Being Attacked

There was an interesting article on Tech Republic last week by Lonnie Benavides titled ‘Top Three Indicators of Compromised Web Servers’. It is unfortunately all too common for web servers to be attacked by hackers looking to cause some mischief. It is a major headache when this type of event occurs but it is made even worse by the fact that it can be so difficult to identify where the attack is coming from. The article on Tech Republic provided information on three signs of a compromised server. We have included these in the below paragraphs.

25 2013-10-25 2013

Is the iPad in Trouble?

A year ago, it would have been almost unthinkable, but now it seems that the iPad could be in real trouble. Sales of the tablet have slumped significantly in recent months and Apple is beginning to lose serious ground to other manufacturers. Despite constant denials, it appears Apple has lost a lot creativity and ingenuity since the death of Steve Job two years ago.

27 2013-09-27 2013

Not Everyone is Happy with Apple’s ios7 Update

Apple managed to do a great job in creating a buzz for their ios7 update. All the tech blogs had regular updates about the latest features and many were counting down to the release date as if it was New Year’s Eve. This promised to be the most radical update ever for Apple and it did bring many interesting changes. There seems, though, to be a real anti-climax and plenty of voices online are complaining about ios7.

20 2013-09-20 2013

What to Expect from Intel’s Xeon E5-2600 v2

Intel is preparing for server market domination for the rest of 2013 with the release of their new product: the Xeon E5-2600 v2. This latest processor is significantly better to anything else in the series (it outperforms the other processors in the range by at least 50 per cent) – it also offers up to 45 per cent better energy efficiency. These improvements are very impressive, so it is little wonder that Intel is expecting great things for the Xeon E5-2600 v2.

02 2013-09-02 2013

Facebook Agrees to Make Large Payout for Privacy Failures

Facebook has agreed to pay US $20 million (almost £13 million) to users who suffered as a result of privacy failures. Back in 2011, the names and pictures of Facebook subscribers were used in ads, despite these people not giving their permission for this. It is believed that as many as 614,000 people were affected by this, so will be getting some compensation from this settlement.

23 2013-08-23 2013

Three Days of Outages with Microsoft Outlook

Users of the Microsoft email service (formerly known as Hotmail) suffered severe outages last week, which meant they had trouble accessing their email over a three-day period. The service is now mostly back up and running, but it has come as a shock to many who relied on Outlook to find that this system is so vulnerable. Worse still, there are still reports of some customers having problems even after Microsoft’s claim that it has been fixed.

08 2013-08-08 2013

Wi-Fi Routers are Becoming Increasingly Vulnerable to Security Attacks

A post on the CNET website this week examines the troubling reality that Wi-Fi routers are now more of a security risk than they ever were. This claim was based on research carried out in the US on some of the most popular brands of routers. It seems that many of these products have holes in their security that the companies involved have not bothered to fix. This means that even though many of us go to great lengths to protect ourselves from malicious software and security breaches, we could still be at risk because of our Wi-Fi router.

03 2013-08-03 2013

Why Does Microsoft Have Over a Million Servers?

In a recent speech given by Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft, he revealed that the company now has over a million servers in their data centres. This is an impressive amount of cloud storage, and it is similar to the number of servers used by Google and Amazon. It is obvious why these other two companies would need so much cloud space, but it is not so clear why Microsoft would need a million servers.

29 2013-07-29 2013

What is All the Fuss with Chromecast?

The big story in tech news this week is undoubtedly Chromecast. After the Royal baby, it seems to be the thing people are talking about most online. Many experts out there are boldly claiming that this is going to change the way we watch TV. This new technology involves a fancy looking thumb drive that you can plug into your TV, allowing you to watch streaming internet videos. At first look, it doesn’t seem to be offering anything earth-shatteringly new, so it is a little confusing about why there is so much fuss about this device.

15 2013-07-15 2013

Federal Agents Not Welcome at DEF CON

DEF CON is the largest hacker conference in the world, and it is a time for computer professionals, hackers, computer security personnel, government agencies, and journalists to come together to swap ideas. DEF CON takes place each year in Las Vegas. Thousands of people attend this festival each year, and among them are usually representatives from the FBI. This year though, federal agents have been told that they are not welcome at the festival.

28 2013-06-28 2013

Information Leaking Out about Google Mine

News is leaking out about a new service that is going to be released very soon by Google soon. It is called Google Mine. The idea is to allow users to display their belongings online for other people to admire. There is still some uncertainty about how the service is going to work and Google has yet to officially confirm that it is going to be released. Right now, it is still in the testing stage.

21 2013-06-21 2013

The New Data Centre for Facebook is Impressively Efficient

Facebook has just opened up a new data centre in Sweden, and it is impressively efficient. The design for this facility is being shared by Facebook as part of their Open Compute Project. It is hoped that by sharing their approach for keeping costs down and creating something environmentally friendly, it will encourage other data centres to do the same.

14 2013-06-14 2013

Increasing Privacy Fears Following NSA Leaks in the US

The biggest tech news story this week has without doubt been the revelation that the US government has a very sophisticated internet-spying programme. A surveillance project known as PRISM means that the NSA has direct access to many of the top websites in the world. This suggests that they can easily invade people’s privacy, basically obtaining whatever information they need. The extent of this spying programme has led to outrage among many bloggers, with some are seeing it as further proof that George Orwell’s pessimistic predictions about the future made in the novel Nineteen Eight-Four are now a reality.

03 2013-06-03 2013

Fears for HTML 5 Locks

A news article by the BBC this week discusses how HTML 5 locks could potentially stifle innovation. This would not be the first time that steps taken to protect content actually led to negative impacts. So far, these digital locks are still in the planning stage and it will be interesting to see if the fears about the harm they will cause prevent this option from being made available. Last Wednesday (May 29, 2013), the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed a formal objection to this new option because they believe it will be used to prevent people around the world from accessing content on the web.

22 2013-05-22 2013

Google Wallet May Prove to Be a Real Threat to PayPal

When it comes to doing financial transactions online, PayPal has ruled the roost for the last decade. There have been some criticisms of the way this company does business, but the fact that PayPal has no real competition means that they have not needed to make too many changes. This almost-monopoly over online transactions may be about to face a serious test with the growing popularity of Google Wallet. The latest news from Google is that they are now going to make it possible to send payments as part of an email attachment, and is very innovative; and it is likely to attract many new customers.

17 2013-05-17 2013

Web Servers under Attack from In-Memory Malware

Linux/Cdorked is a new virus that is believed to have infected at least 400 of the largest high-traffic web servers around the world. This virus is particularly difficult to deal with because it is located in the memory. There is a great deal of uncertainty about how it infects servers, and the extent to which it affects infected servers. This is a highly sophisticated attack and those responsible for it have done a good job of hiding their footprints.

07 2013-05-07 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing Highlights the Good and Bad of Social Media

The Boston Marathon bombing has been one of the biggest media events in recent years. Even those of us who do not live in the United States couldn’t help but be sucked into the story. There are certainly worse atrocities happening around the world, but the media attention given to this event made sure that it became a huge story. This was a diabolical attack, and the fact that it occurred during the middle of an international marathon event made it even more appalling.

06 2013-05-06 2013

50 Million Customers May Have Been Impacted by LivingSocial Attack

There have been a number of high profile attacks on websites of late, and one of the most recent of these involves the deal of the day website LivingSocial. It is believed that up to 50 million customers may have been affected by this attack, and it is yet another warning of the risk people take by divulging private information online. This attack is thought to have led to emails, dates of births, real names, user names, and passwords to be divulged but the company assures customers that credit card information has not been breached.

03 2013-05-03 2013

Twitter Launches New Music Discovery Service

There has been a great deal of excitement over the last week following the news that Twitter was about to release a new music service. Twitter #music is now here. It is a type of music recommendation service that makes suggestions based on what the people you follow on Twitter are listening to and what you are listening to. The nice thing about this service is that it also ties in with Spotify, iTunes, and Rdio, so you can go listen to the tracks if you have these services – of course, in the case of iTunes, you will only get a sample unless you are willing to buy.

01 2013-05-01 2013

Bing is More Dangerous than Google for Malicious Software

Google certainly has its detractors, and many of us do feel uncomfortable with the power this company has online. This has led to some of us trying to break free of the shackles of Google by turning to other options for online searchers. One of the search engines that have been touted as the best alternative to Google is Bing, but it now turns out that this may not be such a great alternative after all. A new report by AV Test shows that Bing is riddled with malicious software, and this means that it is far more dangerous to use this search engine than any other.

29 2013-04-29 2013

Google Now Allows You to Control Your Data after Your Death

Death is a subject that most of us do not like to spend too much time thinking about. It comes to us all though, and there are some preparations that we are probably going to want to make. One of the things that you may want to consider is what is going to happen to your online data after you depart for the afterlife. Do you want your email account collecting spam for the rest of eternity? Do you want people looking at your Google Account profile or watching your YouTube Videos? This week Google has launched a new option that will allow you to take control of your digital assets. It is called the Inactive Account Manager.

26 2013-04-26 2013

Anonymous Attacks Israel

Last week we posted about a recent attack by the hacktivist group Anonymous on North Korea, but it seems that the group has now turned their attention on Israel. The motive for this attack is a protest at the treatment of the Palestinians, and according to Anonymous, they have caused three billon US dollars’ worth of damage. Representatives of the Israeli government admit that there has been an attack but they deny that the damage has been anywhere near as high as Anonymous is claiming – they claim that there have been no major disruptions due to the attack.

22 2013-04-22 2013

Anonymous Takes on North Korea

The hacktivist group Anonymous has launched attacks against North Korea. The group has somehow managed to gain access to the dictatorship’s IT system and are causing plenty of mischief.  Anonymous even went so far as to gain access to the official Facebook page and Twitter account of North Korea, posting images of Kim Jong-un as a pig wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. These actions have undoubtedly angered the rulers of North Korea and there is almost certainly going to be some type of retaliation – the only real question is what form this retaliation might take.

15 2013-04-15 2013

UK Blogosphere Feels under Attack

New laws are to be soon introduced to regulate the UK media following the Leveson Inquiry. The fears are that this legislation has been rushed through and it has not been made clear as to whom it applies. For instance, do bloggers fall into the category of ‘relevant publisher’? The worry is that these new rules meant to apply to major media companies will be used against individuals who publish stuff on a blog. This would have a major impact on the UK blogosphere, so it is hardly surprising that many people in the blogosphere now feel under attack.

11 2013-04-11 2013

Dutch Denial of Service Attacks Slows Down the Internet in Europe

An internet war between two Dutch groups is having repercussions for other users of the internet in Europe. The conflict is between the Spamhaus Project, which is an anti-spam group, and the web hosting service Cyberbunker. The hostility between these two groups has led to the largest and longest ever denial of service attack in the history of the internet, and it has managed to affect the rest of the internet by causing slower speeds.

03 2013-04-03 2013

Chinese Social Media Giant Made up of Empty Accounts

Sina Weibo is a microblogging website in China that is seen as a combination of Twitter and Facebook. There are over 500 million registered users of this site, but new research from the University of Hong Kong suggests that over half of these accounts are bogus. In fact, all the evidence is now suggesting that Sina Weibo is overrun with zombie accounts, and that far from this being a platform for free speech in China, it may be another tool to keep citizens under control.

31 2013-03-31 2013

Mac Computers Attacked by Yontoo Trojan Virus

Mac users used to take pride in the fact that they could go online without the need for any type of antivirus software. This is because, up until recently, there were very few viruses that were designed to attack this platform. This is now changing and Mac owners who do not have antivirus software installed will be taking a huge risk. The latest security issue to hit the iOS is the Yontoo Trojan, and this is a reminder of just how vulnerable this platform can be.

22 2013-03-22 2013

Reuters Editor Accused of Anonymous Conspiracy

A Reuter’s editor has just been accused of supplying the hacktivist group Anonymous with login and password information for the Los Angeles Times web site. Matthew Keys used to work for the Tribune Company, which owns the Los Angeles Times, and he is believed to have used his position to gain access to this sensitive information. Keys then passed this information on to Anonymous who were able to use it to deface the Los Angeles Times website.

18 2013-03-18 2013

No More Google RSS Feed Service

Google has announced that it plans to get rid of its RSS Feed service by July 1, 2013. This is going to come as a disappointment to many loyal fans of this service. Google claims that the demand is no longer there to justify continuing this option, so they have decided to just pull the plug. They do promise to provide alternative services that will allow clients to export their bookmarks.

13 2013-03-13 2013

Fears for US Cyber Security

An investigation by the Pentagon in the US has found that it may be possible for enemies to break through their cyber security relatively easily. This admission comes at a time when an increased number of hacking attacks on high profile targets like Twitter and Facebook has demonstrated that those launching these attacks are highly sophisticated. This is all very worrying because if the Pentagon feels that they are at risk, how can anyone feel safe.

11 2013-03-11 2013

Evernote Becomes the Latest Casualty of Hackers

Evernote has become one of the latest casualties in a spate of high profile hacking attacks. A couple of weeks ago we also reported on a similar attack against Facebook. Evernote is a very popular productivity app that allows note sharing online. It has 50 million users. It is available as a mobile device app for Android, Blackberry, and Apple products, and there is a PC version as well. It is believed that the attackers managed to get their hands on the user names, emails, and passwords of users. Evernote is recommending that people reset their passwords in order to keep their information safe.

03 2013-03-03 2013

Google Touch Screen Laptop

When the iPad was released less than three years ago, many experts claimed that it would never take off. The main reason for this was that the touch screen was impractical, and it could never be anything more than a fad. They prophesied that this type of technology would be full of glitches, and that people would choose to just stick with a keyboard and mouse. It turns out that these experts were incredibly wrong in their predictions and the touch screen device has changed the way we engage with computer devices. There is no going back, and a further sign of this would be the fact that Google are about to release a touch screen laptop.

27 2013-02-27 2013

Claims that China is Responsible for Hacking Attacks

Earlier this week we reported a failed attempt to hack Facebook, and that there has been a rapid increase in such attacks in recent months. Now a security firm in the US is claiming that there is a secret wing of the Chinese army that is responsible for these attacks. It is believed that this unit of the People’s Liberation Army has already managed to steal hundreds of terabytes of data. They are called Unit 61398, and they are believed to be based in the Shanghai.

25 2013-02-25 2013

Social Media Network Facebook Hacked

The big tech story over the last few days has been the admission by the Facebook that they were hacked in January. This attack is believed to have been highly sophisticated, but the internet social media giant has been quick to reassure people that their data was not comprised – or at least they have found no evidence for this. Facebook has well over a billion users around the world, so this news of a security breach is worrying. This attack by hackers is part of a recent trend. It follows soon after an attack on Twitter where the data of thousands of their members compromised due to an infiltration.

20 2013-02-20 2013

Antipiracy Site to Be Sued For Copyright Infringement

The antipiracy group Copyright Information and Anti-Piracy Centre (CIAPC) might be about to learn an expensive lesson – people in glasshouses shouldn’t throw bricks. This group, which is based in Finland, is using an almost identical CSS style sheet as the one used for the front page of Pirate Bay. This means anyone who visits this website will see an almost duplicate home page. The only difference is that the ship on the CIAPC website is starting to sink. It seems odd that any group that is committed to anti-piracy would pay so little respect to copyright. Now Pirate Bay is planning to sue CIAPC, and many experts agree that they have a legitimate case.

17 2013-02-17 2013

Wikipad Set for Release Despite Setbacks

At least some of the followers of this blog will no doubt enjoy collecting the latest tech devices. This is why you may be interested in hearing that Wikipad has been given a new release date. This tablet is unlike other similar devices because it is so game-centric. It was due to be released in 2012 but there was so much negative feedback that the company decided to delay the launch. They have apparently listened to all the feedback and changed some things around, and the tablet is now due to be released sometime during spring 2013.

11 2013-02-11 2013

Anti-Virus Update by Kaspersky Prevents Windows XP Users from Accessing the Internet

The reason why people spend money on anti-virus technology is for safety as well as to ensure the smooth running of their computer. Users of the Russian made Kaspersky software found that having this protection does not always guarantee smooth sailing. The latest update of the anti-virus programme came with some undesirable surprises – most notably this update prevented XP users from going online. Kaspersky became aware of the problem within a couple of hours and released a fix, but unfortunately, those who had already downloaded the update couldn’t download this fix because they had no access to the internet. In the end, they had to jump through a number of hoops in order to disable the software or roll back the software to an earlier edition.

04 2013-02-04 2013

Malware to Become More of a Worry in 2013

Malevolent software is becoming increasingly sophisticated. The creators of this type of code seem to have no problem keeping up with ever more sophisticated security measures – the reality is that it is those who are responsible for increasing security that are having to work hard to keep up with the malware attacks. Experts in the world of computing are predicting that the situation is only going to deteriorate further, and that 2013 could be the worst year yet for this type of attack. This is bad news for those of us who try to make a legitimate living online, and it is something that will affect all users of the web.

28 2013-01-28 2013

Anonymous Hackers Attack Department of Justice in the US

The hacker group Anonymous has broken into the records of the US Department of Justice and managed to get their hands on encrypted files. The group says that they will decrypt these files unless their demands are met. This action was taken in response to the death of internet activist Aaron Swartz who committed suicide after being threatened with heavy fines and a long jail sentence. Anonymous blame the United States Sentencing Committee, part of the US Department of Justice for Swartz’s death, and they want this committee reformed or they say that they will release the documents. They are calling this attack “Operation Last Resort.” They believe that they treatment of Aaron Swartz went beyond unfair – he had been forced into playing a game that he could never win, and the only option this left him was to leave the game completely by ending his life.

26 2013-01-26 2013

Apple Maps to be Fixed and Other Apple Stories

There are a number of Apple related news stories catching people’s attention in tech circles this week, so we might as well mention these all in one post.

23 2013-01-23 2013

Kim Dotcom’s New Website is an Instant Success

Kim Dotcom only launched his website just over 24 hours ago, and it is already attracted over one million subscribers. The promise of 50 GB of free storage offered is very tempting – especially because unlike other storage solutions, any data uploaded will be encrypted. This new project is called Mega, and it is expected to become profitable because of its premium membership options. Those people who previously had premium membership with Mega Upload will be getting free membership on the new website.

21 2013-01-21 2013

The Guardian Newspaper Makes Data Protection Prediction for 2013

An article in Wednesday’s Guardian newspaper made some interesting predictions about what we can expect in the coming year. Of course, every year is always going to be full of surprises, but it can be helpful to hear what the data protection experts have to predict. Here are some of the things that we might be looking forward to over the next 12 months:

15 2013-01-15 2013

Online Protests in Response to the Suicide of Aaron Swartz

The death of the online activist Aaron Swartz has led to protests on the internet. The 26-year-old American computer programmer hanged himself last Friday. It is believed that the reason why he committed suicide was the fear that he was going to be financially ruined and sent to prison over allegations that he had stolen documents from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and JSTOR. He was facing up to 50 years behind bars and four million dollars US in fines. The allegation is that broke into a restricted access computer at MIT and used this to get his hands on these files. Swartz was a passionate activist for open access to documents, and it is this passion that brought him into conflict with the law.

10 2013-01-10 2013

Ubuntu for Your Phone

In an earlier post this week, we mentioned how many experts are predicting that this could be the year for Linux based technology. Further evidence that this might be the case comes with the news of a new mobile phone that is being launched which will be using Ubuntu. Of course, most of us will already be familiar with Android, another Linux based platform, but this Ubuntu device promises to offer something that we have never seen before.

07 2013-01-07 2013

2013 Might Be the Year of Linux

Linux is the free and open source operating system that tends to be favoured by people who are a bit tech savvy. This operating system (OS) is arguably not as sleek as Windows, but it provides a similar experience while costing absolutely nothing. There are many people who now would never consider using anything other than Linux – once you get used to the way things work with this OS you get to appreciate its benefits. Linux has been around in one form or another since 1991, but there are many who feel that 2013 is going to be the year when it truly makes its mark on computer history.

03 2013-01-03 2013

Microsoft Once Again Demand a Crackdown on Google

It is the start of a New Year but Microsoft does not seem to have made any resolutions to play nice with Google. They have begun the year with complaints that government regulators are not doing enough to control Google. They are asking that the US government do more to crack down on the internet search giant in the interest of fair play in the internet and smart phone market. Many people are amazed, though, that Microsoft should be the one make so much noise over the issue given their own poor history of fair play.

30 2012-12-30 2012

The End of Print Media in 2013

The latest news that Newsweek will be going fully digital in January 2013 seems to be another nail in the coffin of print media. It also seems likely that by the end of next year digital eBook sales will account for the majority of all book sales. This is unlikely to mean that print media will go the same way as vinyl records, but in many ways 2013 could mean the end of print media. This is unlikely to be a painless transition as those who cannot adapt quickly enough will suffer as a result – the reduction in the demand for print is likely to harm traditional publishers, and bookstores and magazines sellers.

17 2012-12-17 2012

The End of the Desktop is Nigh

An article this week on the prestigious tech website CNET predicts that the end of desktop computing is near. Their reason for making this claim is that Intel, the leading supplier of PC chips, no longer seems interested in producing new technology for this format. Nobody is claiming that the desktop will disappear right away, but the fact that a key player like Intel would stop investing so heavily in this area goes to prove that the writing is on the wall.

14 2012-12-14 2012

Google Maps Back on iOS Devices

A couple of months ago we reported on here about the fiasco surrounding an update for iOS devices. One of the most controversial elements of this update was that the popular Google maps that had come as a pre-installed app was removed and replaced by Apple’s own map application. This new app turned out to be substandard, and the reaction of the majority of owners of iPhones and iPads was to either get angry about it or see the whole thing as a joke. Apple was put in the embarrassing position of having to apologise for their shoddy map application. This apology was a positive step, but it still left device owners with a map app that was practically useless. Apple has now taken the positive step of allowing the Google map application to return once again to the iTunes store. The initial reaction to this move has been very positive with those who have used it claiming that it is better than before.

12 2012-12-12 2012

Patent Disputes Are Slowing Up Tech Development – Google and FaceBook Complain

It seems that every new innovation that gets announced becomes the target of accusations and patent infraction. This is a serious allegation and it is something that surely does happen. The problem with these types of legal disputes is that they may slow down the development of new technology. The money that goes into defending or prosecuting these cases might also be better spent. Of course, this is not to say that one company should be allowed to steal the ideas of anyone else, but Google and Facebook are now claiming that these patent disputes are allowed to occur too easily. They want there to be tougher rules surrounding this type of legal case.

10 2012-12-10 2012

UN Votes to Reduce Internet Freedom

Last week we posted on here about a UN summit in Dubai that could potentially limit internet freedom. There are many countries who feel deeply threatened by the freedom of speech available on the web, and they are determined to take more control over it. The UN summit is now over, and it seems that those favouring censorship have managed to get their way. There are a range of new controls over internet use that will have implications for all users. This summit went more or less unnoticed by many people, but it is something that is going to have grave implications.

01 2012-12-01 2012

Internet Freedom May Be at Risk

Fears are growing that a United Nations summit, which is due to take place next week in Dubai, will be bad news for internet freedom. The worry is that it will provide national governments with more control over the internet, and they will then be able to use this power to limit freedom. A US delegation and representatives for Google have suggested that this could all mean a huge increase in internet regulations in many countries around the world.

29 2012-11-29 2012

Tablets Are Now Selling More than Laptops

News recently out of the US suggests that tablets are not outselling laptops. This is based on figures for October 2012. This development was predicted, but few were expecting it to occur this quickly. It seems that many people now are not only buying tablets as an extra device, but they are using this device to replace their laptops. The fact that it is now so easy to add a Bluetooth keyboard onto devices like the iPad means that for many people there is no need for them to buy a larger device. They can do everything they want with a tablet, and they get to enjoy all the benefits that this machine has over other laptops.

20 2012-11-20 2012

Is the Desire for Chip Power Efficiency Making Moore’s Law Irrelevant?

Moore’s Law has proven to be reliable so far in the history of computing, but there are now some experts who might argue that it is no longer relevant. This law states that chip performance is doubled every 2 years (or 18 months). This trend in computing was first observed by Gordon E. Moore back in 1965. He predicted that the transistors and integrated circuits in computing hardware double every two years. Moore initially thought that this doubling would last for ten years, but it has proven accurate right up until today. There are now some signs that this law might no longer be relevant.

12 2012-11-12 2012

UK Justice Committee Gives Opinion on Proposed Changes to EU Data Protection Law

In a post on here in October (2012) we mentioned how there are proposals being discussed in the EU that would mean significant changes to the data protection laws. If these changes were to come into force then it would be good news for many small business owners because it would make things much easier for them. This week the proposals were put before the UK Justice Committee, and the response was not that encouraging. This committee feels that the new rules would be too prescriptive, and that they do not offer enough flexibility.

07 2012-11-07 2012

Microsoft Sued for ‘Ripping Off’ Ideas

Last month we wrote on here about the new Microsoft tablet and how this new innovative device uses live tiles and is a completely new look for the company. It now turns out that this new tablet might not be so innovative after all – at least not for Microsoft anyway. They are being sued by a much smaller company called Surf Cast. The complaint was filed this week in Maine in the US and it claims that Microsoft is using ideas that have already been patented. This is likely to turn out to be an interesting case and it may have implications for this new generation of Windows products.

29 2012-10-29 2012

Data Protection Rules for Small Businesses Set to Change in Europe

It is currently very easy for small businesses to run foul of the data protection laws in Europe. This is a worry because it may actively discourage these businesses from engaging in certain types of work because they do not feel that they will be able to comply with the existing laws. This state of affairs is not really acceptable at a time when countries across the continent are struggling to get their economies going again. This is why there is a lot of interest in the rumours that changes are about to be made in regards to data protection in Europe.

25 2012-10-25 2012

Use of Personal Devices Threat to Data Protection

Here, at Coreix, we take pride in our data protection policies – the security of our clients data is of paramount importance. However, many companies do not achieve such a strong level of protection for their customers. A recent study by B2B International suggests that the use of personal devices at work is likely to be putting data at risk of falling into the wrong hands. This policy of allowing people to use their own devices, commonly referred to as bring your own device (BYOD), is on the rise, but if adequate security measures are not taken then this could mean real problems in the future.

22 2012-10-22 2012

What We Can Expect from the Next Generation of Apple Products

Apple has had a few setbacks in recent months, but this is unlikely to keep them down for long. Over the next few months we should start to learn a bit more about the future of Macs, and there are some exciting things to look forward to. All eyes are going to be on a press conference that is due to be given on October 23, 2012 when the company is going to lay out their plans going forward. Steve Jobs always managed to turn these press conferences into major events, and the signs are that this latest one will get tongues wagging. It is impossible to know exactly what the plans for Apple products is going to be, but here are a few possibilities. Of course, the main news is likely to be around the new iPhone and new iPad Mini – this is what people seem to be most interested in hearing about anyway.

18 2012-10-18 2012

Windows 8 and the Tablet Wars

The Windows 8 tablet is due to be released by the end of the month, and this will be one of the biggest steps that Microsoft has taken in decades. This is the most innovative thing that the company has done in a long time so it is a bit surprising that there is not that more of a fuss surrounding this launch. Perhaps when customers actually get their hands on the real thing they will be a bit more excited.

15 2012-10-15 2012

Apple Was Warned That IOS Maps Were Poor Quality

Fans of Apple devices such as the iPad and iPhone have felt cheated recently because of the latest update that removed the previous Google map application and replaced it with new IOS maps. This new software is embarrassingly bad and reports are now that Apple new already how bad it was before they provided the update. Developers involved in creating this application warned Apple of what was in store, but it seems that the technology giant did not act on these warnings. This is going to anger fans of Apple who will feel cheated and treated shabbily by the company.