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17 2014-10-17 2014

How to Prevent Hackers Exploiting Your Business

Cloud computing, online banking, social media – the internet offers many wonderful things; things that have completely transformed the way companies do business, both locally and internationally. Unfortunately, for all its undoubted greatness there is a few facets of the Web not to be proud of, one of the most obvious being hacking.

08 2014-08-08 2014

How Cloud Computing Can Help Expand Your Business

As a business, regardless of size or stature, you should always be willing to embrace ways to improve, reduce operating costs, and make your organisation more competitive. In a world dominated by internet-based business, cloud computing is a tool that demands to be welcomed with open arms.

08 2012-10-08 2012

Future of Cloud Computing

It may not always seem like it but we are still in the very early days of cloud computing. Companies such as Amazon may be doing amazing things with this type of data storage, but it is almost certain that the best has yet to come. Over the next couple of decades cloud computing is likely to have a huge impact on the way we do things and some of the changes we can expect will include:

24 2012-09-24 2012

Lenova Take an Interest in Cloud Computing

Lenova has become one of the most successful manufacturers of computer hardware and electronics in the world. This Chinese giant was founded back in 1984 and in 2011 they managed to become the second largest PC manufacturer in the world. The owners of this company continue to flaunt their ambitions and now they are planning to enter the world of cloud computing. This is already a crowded market but few will doubt that Lenova will be able to make a splash.

06 2012-09-06 2012

How Amazon is Making the Most of Cloud Computing

It is hard to believe that Amazon has only been in business since 1995. In 17 years this company has managed to grow from nothing to becoming the largest retailer in the world. They sell products in every corner of the globe, and for many people they have become the first choice for electronic goods, books, and music. Amazon has been accused of almost destroying traditional publishing, but even its harshest critics have to admit that they have brought many benefits to the consumer. There is probably no other company in the world that has made use of the internet to such a high degree of success – of course a huge part of this has been their ability to make the most of cloud computing.

03 2012-09-03 2012

IBM Launches Mainframe to Replace Private Clouds

If IBM has its way in the future there will be no more private clouds. They believe that the old way of doing things is still the best, and they want consumers to reconsider using mainframes for their server needs. They have just launched their new machine – the system platform zEC12. They optimistically predict that this is going to be a real game changer that will pull users away from using private clouds. IBM has reportedly spent over one billion dollars on this new piece of technology so they need for it to make a loud splash. They see this as further emphasising the company’s dedication to providing the most powerful, green, and secure mainframes around.